Comparative Civilization Project


This project will allow students to investigate and compare the civilizations of:








East Africa

West Africa


Research Links:

Creative Impulse


Stuyvesant Library Database Search  




Paul Halsall's Internet Sourcebook

PBS Online

Mark Harden's "Artchive"


National Geographic Online

Metropolitan Museum of Art

CIA World Factbook(That's Right! Central Intelligence Agency!)

Teams will be assigned one of the civilizations and asked to design and deliver a newscast. The newscast will utilize Powerpoint (click for tutorial)  presentation technology. Be as creative an innovative as you wish, keeping in mind that you are at once educating and entertaining your audience. You are required to have a minimum of 8 slides incorporated into the newscast. Each show shall not exceed 15 minutes and should be no less than 8 minutes.

Each team will cover all of the following areas: 

1. Geography -Weather Desk (Maps)

2. Political Leadership-Politics Desk (Government, Leaders, Organization)

3. Religious Beliefs-Community Desk

4. Arts and Entertainment- Arts and Leisure Desk

5. Invention/Science- Technology Desk

6. Trade/Class Structure- Business Desk

7. Foreign Relations-Foreign Correspondence

8. Opinion/Editorial- Letter from the Editor

Teams will meet on designated days to report their progress to the News Director and to Mr. Badgley.

The newscast shall include essential information about your civilization as well as analysis. The newscast should give the audience a complete picture of the civilization-not eight separate and disconnected reports. Remember, you are the journalists and news directors, thus  it is your responsibility to create an informative and entertaining show. You may use "live" reports, investigative reports, interviews, and any other format or combination you can think of. Watch a variety of news shows at home for inspiration!