Nuclear Reactor




 #1 Course Guidelines and Requirements. Read, fill in your goal for the class, sign and return

Answer in Writing : Identify one social, one political, one economic problem that a Government should be responsible for managing...For each category explain why it is a Government that is best suited to manage  the problems you have chosen. No more than one paragraph for each problem.

1/30 #2  Origins of the State and Government I   Read and Annotate: Aristotle Politics (excerpt) Please bring the reading to class as well.


1. How does Aristotle define the State?

2. According to Aristotle what is a citizen?

3. List and describe the three forms of government and their perversions.

4. What does he propose are the primary concerns/responsibilities of a government?

2/3 #3 Characteristics of Democracy and Economy The 7 Characteristics of Democracy and  Economic Systems

1. What are the Seven Characteristics of Democracy  laid out in the link above?

2. If you could only choose four to exist in Democracy...which four would they be. Briefly explain why for each one.

3. Define: Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. Which of those do you believe to be most compatible for the function of  Democracy. Explain your answer.

Adam Smith

Karl Marx



Communism and Socialism

Democratic Socialism

  #4 Does Citizenship need to be redefined?  Read, Print, Answer Questions below,  Bring to Class Paradise Lost in America's Post National World


1. To whom should a Citizen give loyalty?

2. Does the concept of Citizenship  really matter?

3.What if anything do you think should replace national identity as a unifying principal for governing?

 #5 Resolution: Green New Deal

1.  Is this Resolution an appropriate  Revolution for the 21st Century?  Is it antithetical to  democratic principles?

 Read DIA pgs 53-58

1. What did the Virginia Plan propose?

2. Why did smaller States oppose the Virginia Plan? What principles  did their counter-proposal detail?

3. Explain the Connecticut Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise.

4. What is the difference between a Federalist and an Anti-Federalist? What did the Anti-Federalists demand be done in order to ensure their support for the new Constitution?