William Gorelik October 13, 2005

Global HW #10

Civilization RAP

A few of the key traits of the Sumerian civilization,

Was their enormous population,

And their great system of specialization.

Specialization was every Sumerianís obligation.

The Sumerians would pass on information

From generation to generation.

Other key traits that made Sumer a civilization

Were their technology and all the tools of their creation.

The Sumerians were no fools,

They had lots of tools.

Sumerians lived in a city-state,

They prayed, worked, and ate.

Villagers worshipped local spirits and gods,

Too bad they had no ipods.

The villagers had a surplus of food,

So they were in a very good mood.

The Sumerians were the greatest of civilizations at the time,

For they had all the key traits and brains like Einstein.

They had no competition at the time

And trading (a.k.a. bartering) caused them to shine.

The Sumerians didnít have to hunt or forage no more,

Now they could just go to the store.


The superb nation didnít shine forever.

The city-states constantly fought,

And brought lots of bloodshed,

ĎStead of just thinking ahead.

The Sumerians eventually experienced defeat,

At the hands of a big, envious nomadic raid,

Who destroyed the Sumerians once and for all,

By bringing the Sumerians to their ultimate fall.