Freshmen Homework: Spring 2024



#1 Historical Fiction: The genre of literature, film, etc., comprising narratives that take place in the past and are characterized chiefly by an imaginative reconstruction of historical events and personages.

The year is 650 CE. You are living in a small town outside of Damascus. You've been caught in the middle of a battle between Byzantine forces and Islamic Liberators. Your town has been burned and you have nothing left. You must journey to a new land on your own. Explain where you will travel to make your fortune. Will you go North-West to Europe, Southwest to North Africa? East to Persia, to India, to China? Tell your story.

Use this map.     EURASIA


A. Shade all major bodies of water in blue...label them

B. Color, draw, and label the physical geographic obstacles you will face along the way to your Chosen Land. Highlight the route you will decide to take.

B. Describe the modes of travel you will use to reach your Chosen Land. Be historically accurate.(3 or 4 sentences)

C. Speculate on the way in which you will make your fortune in your new land. Which opportunities in your Chosen Land are most likely to bring you the fortune you seek. Be historically accurate for your region. (one paragraph)


(PAT) Patterns of Interaction   Chapters 12-19


Internet History Sourcebook (Fordham University)

World History outlines and Flowcharts 

 #2  How did the T'ang and Song Dynasties contribute to the development of China? Read PAT 323-329 and  Life in the Tang Dynasty, Chinese Poems  , 300 Chinese Poems

1.Identify: Tang Taizhong; Wu Zhao; gentry

2. Explain the changes that took place  politically, economically and militarily between the T'ang and Song Dynasties.

3. Explain three important inventions of the Chinese? Which would most improve the quality of life? Which would be most profitable?gers Echo Scene

4. Choose a poem, read it,  print it out and bring it to class.

5. What virtue is the poem trying to convey....Beauty, Loyalty, Honor, Intelligence .....something else?

Fun Factor:    Signs of the Chinese ZodiacWelcomes Youf Flying

 #3 The Ming replace the Mongols. Read "PAT" 536-538; The Voyages of Cheng Ho (Zheng He)  and Did China Discover the America's

1.Identify:  Forbidden City, Yonglo

2.  How did the Ming come to power?

3. Who was Zheng He? What did he accomplish? 

4. What was the greatest accomplishment of the Ming? Greatest failure? Explain why you chose these.

Surf: Orbiting Space Colonies

 #4 Origins of Japan.... Religion: Shinto and Zen:   How was early Japanese society organized?   "PAT" 339-343: Izanagi and Izanami: The Creators of Japan,  Shinto and Buddhism in Japan;

1. Identify:  Code of Bushido; Seppuku; Shogun; Daimyo; Samurai; Toyotomi Hideyoshi

 2. In Shintoism what is the relationship of humans to the divine? How are humans viewed in Shintoism (i.e. good, evil, important, useless....)?

3. Using at least three examples, explain the origins of Japanese culture.

4. What are the methods and goal of Zen Buddhism? Zen

 #5 The Art and Poetry of Japan: The Virtual Museum of Japanese ArtsGoogle

If you Volunteered for  "You be the expert" come to class prepared with a  review of your field. Include a description of the art and how Shinto and/or Zen Buddhism play a role in the practice of the art.  Be prepared to present and answer questions about your assigned field.

 #6 FILM

Study: Akira Kurosawa Rashomon

Questions to be Distributed in Class

Image result for rashomon

1. Kurosawa gives us four versions of the same episode. Describe the facts related to each of the four stories. Which, if any, is the most convincing?

2. Kurosawa in many of his movies disdains the changes that carried Japan from a feudal society to a modern one, in large part because he believes that the traditional feudal values were superior. What instances can you find in the movie that reflect this point of view? Which characters epitomize this?

3. At the beginning of the film the firewood dealer says, "I for one have seen hundreds of men dying like animals...but...even I've never before heard anything as terrible as this." Another character replies, "There's never been anything like this.'s worse than fires...wars...epidemics...or bandits." What is so terrible about what happened here?

4. Ultimately, what was the cause of this whole episode of human interaction?

 #9 Mongols: Devil's Horsemen or Enlightened Nomads? Read Women of the Mongol Court,  The Mongols "PAT" 330-338 Watch: Crash Course Mongols

1. Identify: Kublai Khan; Yuan Dynasty

2. Explain two reasons why Ghengis Khan was able to conquer and create such a vast empire.

3. In your assessment, to what extent can Mongol success be contributed to women?

4. Should History judge Ghengis Khan by his words,  "The greatest joy a man can know is to conquer his enemies and drive them before him. To ride their horses and take away their possessions. To see the faces of those who were dear to them bedewed with tears, and to clasp their wives and daughters in his arms" .....OR….. by the world that the Mongols left behind after their demise? (see THE MONGOLS)

Optional Watch:

Ghengis and the Mongols

Ghengis Khan

Optional Reads:

Mongol Strategy

"How the Asian Steppe was Won"

Mongol Military Might

Mongol Horror Stories (Believe it or Not)


#10 Position Paper

Were the Mongols Terrorists?

1. Define Terrorism in your own terms.

2. Consider who the Mongols were, their methods, their policies, and their legacy when answering.

3. Include specific evidence...names, dates, statistics, etc when making your case.

4. Upload a copy to your Google classroom.

Optional Watch:

Ghengis and the Mongols

Ghengis Khan

Optional Reads:

Mongol Strategy

"How the Asian Steppe was Won"

Mongol Military Might

Mongol Horror Stories (Believe it or not!)


  #11  Charlemagne and the Carolingians "PAT" 352-357  Einhard; Charles the Great

1. Identify: Charles Martel; Pepin the Short;  Carolingians; Treaty of Verdun: Pope Gregory I

2. What are the three roots of medieval culture?

3. What characteristics do you think made Charlemagne a good ruler? What was his greatest achievement?

4.. From what you have read what is the relationship between the Church and the ruling Frankish Kings? Do they help each other? Hurt each other? Was there separation between Church and State or cooperation?

   #12  How was Medieval Society Arranged "PAT" 358-363 and  "PAT" 370-373

Identify: Clergy, Sacrament, Canon Law, Holy Roman Empire, Lay Investiture, Concordat of Worms;  feudalism, fief, vassal, tithe

1. What were the major points of conflict between Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV?

2. Who do you believe was better equipped to establish order in Medieval Europe...Popes or Kings? Explain.

3. What benefits were derived from the manor system? Why were these important in the Middle ages?

4. List the demands that lords made of vassals. (wartime and peacetime).

 #13 What effect did the Crusades have on life in the Middle Ages??

Read "PAT" 379-385,  Pope Urban II Speech at Clermont 1095

1.Identify:  simony, urban II, Saladin, Richard the Lionhearted, Reconquista, Inquistion

2. What were the goals of the Crusades? Which of these were achieved?

3. Identify three problems that the Catholic Church struggled with.

 #14 1350-1450: A century of Turmoil: "PAT" 398-403; Bubonic Plague ; Plague Descriptions and Remedies and Norman Conquest and Conquest II

1. Identify: Babylonian Captivity; Papal Bull; Henry V; Joan of Arc

2. How did the Great Schism begin? How did it change the politics of Europe and the Church? What was the outcome?

3. What was the Magna Carta? Why do we assign such a great degree of importance to this document.

4. What was the Bubonic Plague? How did it spread? How did it change the way Europeans saw the world?

5. How did the Hundred Years War change Europe? Who was the winner?  

 #15  How did the Protestant Reformation begin in Europe? "PAT" 488-500 

1. Identify: Indulgence; Protestant;  Diet of Worms; Peace of Augsburg, predestination; theocracy; Ann Boleyn;

2. What were the most pressing criticisms of the Catholic Church? Explain the three things that Martin Luther thought would fix them.

3. Explain the process and reasons by which Henry VIII changed the Church in England.

4. What is Calvinism? How does it differ from Lutheranism?here is no escalator to the tenth floor"  Affirmative Statement: An escalator to the tenth floor is needed for more efficient flow of  student traf

5. Explain the formation and role of the Jesuit Order.

6. At the Council of Trent the Catholic Church responded to Protestant challenges. In what ways did they respond? In your assessment was this the right course of action for the Catholic Church to follow in order to survive?

#16  The Commercial Revolution

2. In what ways did the rise of towns effect the Feudal System?

3. What effect did Guilds have on the business practices of Medieval town 

6. Watch:

 History of Money 1

History of Money  2


#17 FILM STUDY: Faith vs. Reason at the end of the Middle Ages "The Name of the Rose"

Print out these questions and bring to class. The completed answers will be due next week after we finish viewing the film.

This movie was based on the book "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco. It is set in a Monastery in the 1300's in an isolated part of the Italian Alps. There are several themes and historical events that are addressed in the movie; Monasticism, Heresy, Inquisition, Scholasticism, Faith, Reason, etc. As we watch the movie please answer the following questions.

1. Identify and Explain the role of the following characters:

a. Adso of Melk

b. William of Baskerville

c. Jorgi

d. Bernardo Gui

2. Explain and give 3  examples for how each of the following are addressed in the movie.

a. Superstition

b. Heresy

c. Censorship

3. Umberto Eco, the author of the book on which this movie is based is a man of letters and a respected professor at the University of Bologna. He has written many books on philosophy and is considered to be one of the foremost thinkers of our time.

a. Why do you think the author chose to use a labyrinth as the setting for the movie?

b. Why was Jorgi so opposed to laughter?

c. Why do you think he made Jorgi Blind? Why was Jorgi so set on keeping the library and the books in it a secret?

d. Which do you think is the big winner in the film; Faith or Reason? Explain why you think so with an example from the film.

4. Now the BIG QUESTION; At the end of the movie does Adso make the right decision? What would you have done?

 #18 Renaissance!  "PAT" 471-477  Read:  Renaissance

1. How is the humanism of the Renaissance reflected in it's art? Give two specific examples.

2. Why was the emergence of city-states as political entities so important for the shift to modern times?

3. Who were the Medicis? How were they able to control Florence? What were the businesses that thrived while they were in charge?

4. Which of the characteristics of the Renaissance do you find most revolutionary? Explain your answer.


What Inspires Bill Gates

Leonardo's Universe (NatGeo)                      

Biography: Leonardo Da Vinci 

DaVinci's Code: Is it Real? (NatGeo) 

#19 The New Cosmology: Investigating Nature! Introduction To The Scientific Revolution;  Science is Education's Arrested Development "PAT" 623-628 Watch: Scientific Revolution

1.Define the following: Geocentric, Heliocentric

2. Explain the major "discoveries" and theories of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton.

3. What are the steps of the Scientific Method?

4. Why do you think that the Catholic Church reacted with such strict rules and laws towards the discoveries Copernicus and Galileo?

SURF: Popular Science  and  MIT Technology Review


 #20 Niccolo Machiavelli:  Read: Machiavelli Excerpts #1 and #2   


1. What does Machiavelli state regarding princes and the art of war?

2. What does Machiavelli discuss regarding whether it is better to be feared than loved?

3. What does Machiavelli state as ways for a prince to gain fame and public approval?


1 According to Machiavelli, what are two ways of contending? Which is proper to men and which is proper to animals?

2 Why should a prince be both a lion and a fox?

3 What does Machiavelli describe of the nature of men? Why should princes not keep faith with them?

4. What does Machiavelli have to say about Faith? Should men have Faith? If not what should replace it?

FYI Optional Reading: The Prince (Full Text of the Original Work)

Great Books: The Prince

Watch: Nicollo Machiavelli  and Machiavelli's Advice for Nice Guys

  #21 Position Paper

Answer one of the following Questions. Two page Maximum, double spaced and typed.  Use this Persuasion Map to help organize your argument.

Is it more effective for a ruler to be feared or loved?


Does the End justify the Means? 

Consider historical as well as contemporary examples of leadership and Machiavelli's Philosophy of ruling.

FYI Optional Reading: The Prince (Full Text of the Original Work)

 #22 Incas, Maya, and Aztecs oh my! Read PAT 446-463

1. Identify: Tikal, codex, popol vuh, Quetzcoatl, Montezuma II, Pachacuti, ayllu, quipu

2. What was the foundation upon which Mayan civilization was built? What three explanations have been given for its collapse?,  

3. Why was Tenochtitlan unique from any other city in the world at that time?

4. If you were to be transferred to one of these civilizations, which would you choose. In one paragraph explain the reasons for your choice.

  #23 The Europeans Emerge....Colonialism, sugar, and slaves  PAT   529-535 and 566-575  Atlantic Slave Trade

1. Identify: Treaty of Tordesillas, Dutch East India Company; Vasco de Gama, Middle passage, capitalism, mercantilism, Columbian Exchange

2.  How was slavery in the Americas different than slavery in Africa?

3. What was the most significant effect of the Columbian Exchange on our world today?

 4. How do you think this New Age of Exploration will be different from the European Age of Exploration?


European Expansion

The Journey of Sugar

Is Sugar a Drug?

The Atlantic Slave Trade

When Sugar Ruled the World: Caribbean Slavery



New Race To the Moon

New Age of Exploration

 #24 FILM The Mission 

A visually stunning epic, THE MISSION recounts the true story of two men--a man of the sword (Robert De Niro) and a man of the cloth (Jeremy Irons)--both Jesuit missionaries who defied the colonial forces of mighty Spain and Portugal to save an Indian tribe from slavery in mid-18th-century South America. Mendoza (De Niro) is a slave trader and colonial imperialist who murdered his own brother (Aidan Quinn) and seeks penance for his sins by becoming a missionary at Father Gabriel's (Irons) mountaintop mission; Gabriel is a devout and idealistic man who extols nonviolence and peaceful interaction with the natives and colonialists. Despite their differences, the two men must unite to save the mission when Spain, Portugal, and the Catholic church begin negotiating their boundaries in the area--negotiations that will affect both the freedom of the natives and the well-being of the Jesuit missionaries who have set up safe havens for them. Director Roland Joffe's sweeping masterpiece is a haunting account of the treatment of the Guarani Indians of South America and the men who fought desperately, in very different ways, to save them.

Answer the Questions:

 1. Jesuit Priests were highly educated and able to go places where no other "Old Worlders" had been before. What evidence do we see of this schooling and endurance in the movie?

2. Describe what life is like amongst the Guarani Indians above the falls. How does it compare to the lifestyle of the Europeans below the falls? Which lifestyle would you prefer? Why?

3. As the story unfolds we see the true nature of two  different men (Father Gabriel and Rodrigo). Which of them do you believe is the most honorable?

4. In the "Name of the Rose" we discussed the conflict between faith and reason. In this movie emerges a conflict between faith and greed. In your assessment, which wins out? Why?

5. At the end of the film there is an exchange between his Eminency Lord Altamirano and Hontar, the Portuguese representative:

Hontar: We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus.
Altamirano: No, Señor Hontar. Thus have we made the world... thus have I made it.

What is the significance of this quote? What does it say about humanity and our role in determining the future? With whom do you agree?


#25  India and the Mughals  PAT 516-521  Read: The Lady and Her Five Suitors

1. Identify:  Babur, Akbar, Sikh, Shah Jahan, Taj Mahal, Aurangzeb

2. Describe the role of the Delhi Sultanate in Indian History? If you were a Hindu what do you think your attitude towards the Sultans would have been?

3. In your opinion, who held the most effective policies regarding relations between Hindus and Muslims: Akbar, Auranzeb, or Shah Jahan. Explain why you chose who you chose.

4. In your own interpretation, in one sentence, what do you believe is the moral of the story?

5. Comment briefly on the attitude that the story takes towards men? Are you surprised by this? Why might literature that is from a supposedly male dominated culture contain references such as this about men?

 #32  Ottoman Empire PAT 507-511, The Ottomans, Istanbul

1. Identify: Janissary; Devshirme; ghazi

2. Explain how the Ottoman government was organized.

3. Briefly explain how each of the following contributed to the Ottoman empire and rank them in order of importance: Osman; Timur the Lame (Tamerlane); Mehmet II; Suleiman

Ten Minute History

#40 Absolutism PAT 589-611

1. Identify: Phillip II, Edict of Nantes, Cardinal Richlieu, Louis XIV; boyar; 

2.  What role did Divine Right play in the Age of Absolutism?

3. What was the major conflict of the Thirty Years War?

4. How did Peter the Great change Russia? What obstacles did he face? Do you think he was wise in his policies?

 #41 The English Civil War: The Limits of Absolutism  PAT 614-617

1. Identify:  Petition of Right;  Habeas Corpus, William and Mary

2. What did Oliver Cromwell do for England? Should he be considered a hero? Explain.

3. What is so Glorious about the Glorious Revolution?

4. In your estimation, what was the greatest lasting effect of the English Civil War?

5. What is the difference between a constitutional monarchy and an absolute monarchy?




Ottoman Empire PAT 507-511, The Ottomans,

1. Identify: Janissary; Devshirme; ghazi

2. Explain how the Ottoman government was organized.

3. Briefly explain how each of the following contributed to the Ottoman empire and rank them in order of importance: Osman; Timur the Lame (Tamerlane); Mehmet II; Suleiman


Super -matching review quiz! This is the mother of all matching quizzes!!!! Review all homework and class notes from Spring semester.




Charles V





Cromwell’s Commonwealth


Delhi Sultanate



English Civil War

Ferdinand and Isabella




Ghengis Khan

Glorious Revolution


Hanseatic League

Hat Act  of 1732

Henry VIII

Hernando Cortes



Joan of Arc

Johann Tetzel

John Calvin



Kublai Khan

Louis XIV

Magna Carta



Martin Luther




Mound Builders

Niccolo Machiavelli

Peter the Great


Prince Henry the Navigator








Tokugawa Shogunate

Vasco da Gama


Zheng He (Cheng He)



Final :

Express in any manner that you wish how one of the following quotes is related to the Statement "History is a Tool we use to Build the Future"

"Hannibal is History's Biggest Loser"

"I am Greek"

"The World is Thus"

"Thus Have We Made The World"

"Experience Does Not Ever Err...."

"Surplus is the Key"

"Without Zero we don't have nothing"



"Romans are Badass"

"Silly Ming Don't Burn Your Fleets

"I love Burghers"

"It is the Preservation of Knowledge, not the search for Knowledge, for all knowledge is simply a Divine recapitulation"          






"I am Not Attached to the Buddha"

"Rice is Pointless"

"I owe my Existence to Surplus"

"Ride the Mouse"

" WormFlower"



"The State is not the Government"


"The Way is Wu Wei"


"I Love Peasants"


#42 Elizabethan England "POP"420-425

1.  Identify: Act of Uniformity; Act of Supremacy

2.  Briefly explain how Elizabeth I became the Queen of England

3. What were the challenges she faced after becoming Queen?

#5 Film: Joan of Arc:

This film was originally aired as a miniseries on CBS. It was nominated for 13 emmy awards (a record for a miniseries). Although not 100% accurate it is a decent account of the story. Joan of Arc led the armies of France to victory over the Burgundians and English at the age of 16. By the age of 19 she was accused of heresy and burnt at the stake.


1. Explain the meaning and significance of the following Quotes:

a. "Never underestimate the power of a myth my friend." (Prince Philip of Burgundy )

b. "What do you call a baker who slices up his cake while it is still in the oven?" (Joan of Arc)

b. "So long as our lord is first served" (Joan of Arc)

2. Explain the "Maid of Lorraine Tactic" that Charles refers to. Why is he at first reluctant to use it? What changes his mind? Do you believe that Joan is the Maid of Lorraine? Why? Why not? Describe another historical example of nationalism that builds around a heroine or hero.

3. Would you say that this film shows a weakening or strengthening of the feudal system? A weakening or strengthening of the Catholic Church? Give example to support your view.


#39 The kingdoms of Eastern Africa and Western Africa  Read PAT 406-430 What is it?

1. Identify: Ghana, Mali, Songhai  Nok; Kush; Axum;  Sundiata; Ibn Battuta

2. What were the most important accomplishments of Mansa Musa?

3. In your opinion is the lineage system an effective way to uphold the values of society? What is the difference between patrilineal and matrilineal societies?

4. How is swahili an example of cultural interaction? If a

Group Project and Presentations Commence

Comparative Civilization Project: NEWSCASTS FROM THE PAST

 1/28 #0  Course Guidelines and Requirements

a. Print a copy of the guidelines. Read it. Sign it. Bring it to class.

FYI:  WARNING: This game may make you smarter. It may improve your speaking, writing, thinking, grades, job performance... (more)

World History outlines and Flowcharts 

Geography Quiz




Review for Quiz: China, Mongols, Japan:

You may use your homework and or class notes to complete in class.












Tang Dynasty

Chinggis Khan

Kublai Khan





Yuan Dynasty

Cheng He (Zheng He)

Song Dynasty



Izanagi and Izanami







 Bloody Sidewalks (Gloria Lee 2019)

Quest for Knowledge




Eagle Hunters


Ghengis Khan


 #12  Southeast Asia and Korea  PAT 344-347

1. Identify: Khmer Empire, Angor Wat,  Koryo Dynasty

2. How did the cultural development of Vietnam resemble that of Korea?

3. Describe the geography of Southeast Asia and describe the geography of Korea.

4. Southeast Asia and Oceana MAP (click link for outline map) : Label the map with the following; Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Phillippines, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand  Korea, Japan, China, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Celebes, Strait of Malacca

Korea Vid Clips

10 Crazy Facts (N. Korea)


10 More!


The Rich Kids of North Korea


Hidden State



Arirang Mass Games


South Korea Education Fever


South Korea Nation to Watch


Tech Schools



Physical Map of Europe Link to Map

1. Shade in Blue and Label: Mediterranean Sea; Black Sea, Caspian Sea; North Sea; Baltic Sea; Bay of Biscay, Gulf of Bothnia, White Sea; Adriatic Sea; Norwegian Sea; Celtic Sea Atlantic Ocean; Azov Sea; English Channel; Strait of Gibralter

2. Label with mountain peaks the following regions: Alps, Carpathians, Pyrenees, Caucasus

3. Shade in Green: North European Plain, Iberian Peninsula, Balkan Peninsula, Plain of France, British Isles

4. Label and Trace in Blue the following Rivers:  Loire , Danube, Rhine, Volga, Tagus, Elbe, Seine;  Don; Dnieper


Amazon River; Rio Grande; Orinico; Mississippi


Caribbean Sea; Pacific Ocean; Gulf of Mexico; Atlantic Ocean


Andes; Sierra Madre; Rocky Mountains


Cuba; Hispaniola, Galapagos; Falklands


Mexico City; Buenos Aries; Puerto Rico; Rio de Janiero; Santiago; Miami; New Orleans; Havana; Caracas


Plateau of Mexico; Yucatan Peninsula; Tierra Del Fuego; Straits of Magellan

Optional: Geography of the America's:  Read PAT 553-560




 #4 How does innovation change Civilization? Consumer Technology (scroll over "topics" to start your search)

Choose a category below:

Smart Home/Internet of Things

Energy/Alternative Fuels

Bio Technology/Implantables


Health Tech


Artificial Intelligence

1. Describe the technology and what it can be used for.

2. Is it available now? If not when can we expect to see it.

3. How do you predict it will change the way people live.

4. What are the positive effects it could have? What are the negative effects it might have?

5. Be prepared to share your finding with the class. You may want to include a few pictures or a short vid clip to help the class understand your technology